Want to install high quality locks for your new flats or replace worn out locks? Seek the services of expert and experienced locksmiths such as Ameen Locksmith. These locksmiths are experts in repairing domestic and commercial locks or vaults and replicating new keys for them. None of us feel safe until we have locked our residences or commercial enterprises. This emerges the need for the best quality locks and keys - all available at Ameen Locksmiths. It is important to be aware of better security and improve locks or keys, opt for better security such as safes or vaults. ...

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Just Moved In? 4 Ways to Secure Your New Home

As a new homeowner, you can't help but feel a little excited at your future. You love the extra space. You envision decorating each corner and making the rooms feel comfortable. And you look forward to seeing new faces and making friends with those in your neighbourhood.


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Advantages of Digital Locks

Digital locks grow in popularity every year. Although they were originally designed for cars, recent modifications have made them ideal for home locks as well. Many people like digital locks because they eliminate the need to carry keys. However, these locking systems can benefit your family in more than one way. 

If you're deciding whether or not to install a digital lock on your home, consider the following benefits.

Kid Friendly

Digital locks allow parents to help their kids learn about security without giving them a key. Many parents find out the...

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5 Tips to Find a Trustworthy Locksmith

When you arrive home from work, you're likely want put on your comfy clothes and indulge in a satisfying meal as you relax on your couch. But all these desires quickly come to a halt as you reach your door only to realize that you don't have the key to get inside.

After you can't contact a family member or flatmate to let you inside, you don't know what to do other than to call a locksmith. As you pull out your phone and search for "Sydney locksmith," you select the first number that appears.

Despite the obvious problem of being locked out of your home, there's something else ...

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5 Tips to Follow so You Never Get Locked Out of Your Car

Life is great, and nothing could possibly go wrong. You just got a promotion at work, and now you're about to enjoy a romantic dinner with your significant other. You walk to your car and dig in your handbag for your keys. And you keep digging. Then it hits you-you locked your keys in the car.

Getting locked out of your car is overwhelming and time consuming. And if you accidentally lock a child in the car, it can be dangerous.

Here are some tips you can follow to make sure this situation never happens to you.

1. Make a Door-Locking Plan

This tip...

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8 Easy and Cheap Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

Ensuring the safety of your family and home may feel rather daunting. You might consider installing the latest state-of-the-art home security system to help prevent break-ins. However, there are a few easier things you can do to prevent break-ins. Below, we've listed eight easy and cheap deterrents against burglaries.

1. Use a Home Security Sticker

Instead of spending a lot of money on a brand new home security system, put a sticker on your door or in your window that gives the impression that you have one. Some intruders may have experience with a particular ...

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7 Reasons to Get Your Home Rekeyed

Compared to other big cities, Sydney is relatively safe. But that doesn't mean you should ever compromise your family's security.

Sometimes, the best option to securing your home is to get your lock rekeyed. Locksmiths change the pattern of the pins in your lock so your old keys no longer work. Then, they give you new keys that fit the shape of your new lock. Other times, however, locksmiths need to remove your entire lock and install a new one.

When should get your locks rekeyed or reinstalled? We've listed a few reasons below.

1. You Just Moved In


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What Not to Do When You're Locked Out

You thought it would never happen to you, but now it has-you're locked out of your house. As you browse the internet for strategies to get in, you notice many interesting recommendations.

Unfortunately, most of these strategies are dangerous and ineffective. Here's why you should ignore these break-in methods and call a locksmith instead.

Don't Use a Credit Card

This method is often the first break-in strategy people think of. But it could only feasibly work if you have a spring bolt lock, which is a lock on the handle itself. It won't work if you have ...

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Should You Install a Safe?

As a property owner, you likely have safety on your mind. You may not think about your property's security every day, but you still want to make burglars think twice.

If you've already installed strong deadbolts at home or a restricted key system at work, you've done well. But you might need additional protection for valuables and critical documents. Should

Follow the advice below before you install a safe at home or at the office.

Know Your Needs

It's one thing to buy an inexpensive safe that holds a little petty cash or your child's stamp colle...

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4 Habits That Compromise Your Home Security

Your life consists of a series of habits. You routinely get up in the morning and go to work or school. You frequently wear the same outfits week after week. And you customarily sleep on the

Most of your habits are harmless. But some habits put your health and safety at risk. For example, you stay out too late with your friends, and as a result, you drive drowsy the next morning.

Some habits you engage in may make your home vulnerable to thieves. The following habits, in particular, put your home security on the line.

1. You Post Photos of You on Vacation

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