6 Tricks to Use So You Never Lose Your Keys Again

You have to leave the house now or you'll be late for work again. As you rush around, you grab your wallet or your purse, but you don't see your keys nearby. Over the next 10 minutes, you conduct a frantic search. Finally, you find them on the counter in your bathro om, snatch them up and rush out the door.

If this situation sounds all too familiar, you know the panic of thinking you've lost your keys. But how can you stop that scenario fro m occurring weekly? Try the tricks below.

1. Create a designated spot for your keys.

You may think you already fol...

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How to Regain Security and Peace of Mind After a Home Burglary

When you come home and discover that someone has broken in, you may run through a gamut of emotions. At first, you may feel vulnerable. But as you file a report with the police and list the missing items, you may become angry, helpless and scared.

Unfortunately, you cannot force these emotions to disappear. But you can take steps to feel in control of your home, make your pr operty more secure and help your family feel calmer.

Restore Your Home

If the thief damaged or ransacked your house, you may feel violated and out-of-place in your own home. To take...

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The Basics of Commercial Key Control

Whether you just started your own business or purchased a new property, security occupies your mind. It's one of your primary con cerns as a businessperson. You may hone in on complex, futuristic security systems. But before you turn your business into a fortress, st art with the basics.

We recommend evaluating key control first. No matter how secure your property locks are, if you have no control over the keys or if someone can easily cut a new key, your business isn't very secure.

Take the following steps to ensure your property, employees and merchandise stays safe.


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