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Emergency Locksmith in Sydney

Most locksmith companies claim to offer emergency locksmith services because this is one of the most profitable aspects of the business. Installation and repair jobs are relatively rare but lockouts and lost keys are surprisingly common. At Ameen’s Locksmith, we’ve noticed that while most of our competitors offer this service, they fail to deliver on the promise. This is because they don’t understand how to organise their operations around emergency services.

How Do We Do It?

We have over 25 years of experience in this industry and have learnt a lot over the years. Our well-planned and perfected system allows us to provide emergency assistance quickly and efficiently with little to no delays in service. Here are some aspects of our system that help our technicians:

  • Emergency Number – We have a dedicated emergency mobile number that you can call to get quick assistance. Calls on this number are considered on a priority basis and always picked up, regardless of the time or day. You can call in the middle of the night or on Sundays and still get a response. Unlike other service providers, our emergency number is always active and will get you in touch with a technician immediately.
  • Mobile Vans – In order to provide quick services, we have several mobile vans present at many locations in Sydney and CBD. We direct your emergency calls to mobile units stationed closest to your location so they can respond quickly.
  • Communication – Emergency situations can be stressful and most clients are anxious for quick assistance. We make it a point to offer regular updates if there are any delays or traffic issues. In most cases, our technician will arrive at your location on time but if they don’t, you’ll be informed why they were delayed and how long it would take for them to arrive at your location.

When Should You Call an Emergency Locksmith in Sydney?

A surprising number of clients hesitate to call our number because they’re uncertain if their situation constitutes as an emergency. Here are some situations that we consider genuine emergencies and will respond as quickly as possible. 

  • Car Lockout – If you’re locked out of your car in the middle of the road or before an important meeting, you need an emergency locksmith in Sydney. Our technicians will try to reach your destination as quickly as they can to provide assistance. We have a team of experts who can unlock your car without causing any damage to your vehicle so you can trust us to handle the job.
  • Residential Lockout – We treat these cases very seriously because being locked out of your own home can be very problematic. It’s difficult to arrange for alternative accommodations so you don’t need a locksmith who takes their own time to arrive at your location.
  • Lost Keys – Lost keys pose a major security risk and it’s not wise to delay rekeying or replacement of locks. Our emergency locksmith will open your home or office’s door for you and then work on the locks.

We encourage our clients to call us freely and without hesitation regardless of their problem. Our technicians will help you determine whether it’s an emergency. If you want an emergency locksmith Sydney you can trust, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Ameen’s Locksmith. For emergency situations, you can call 0418 442 244 and for normal reservations call 1300AMEENS. You can also use this contact us form for questions and complaints.