Advantages of Digital Locks

Digital locks grow in popularity every year. Although they were originally designed for cars, recent modifications have made them ideal for home locks as well. Many people like digital locks because they eliminate the need to carry keys. However, these locking systems can benefit your family in more than one way. 

If you're deciding whether or not to install a digital lock on your home, consider the following benefits.

Kid Friendly

Digital locks allow parents to help their kids learn about security without giving them a key. Many parents find out the hard way that kids may lose the house key. With a digital lock, parents can simply give their children the access code.

Remember to stress the importance of keeping the house code a secret. Make a house rule that no one should share the code with other people. However, if your child does tell someone, you can change the code.


Have you ever needed to let someone into your home when you're not there? Many homeowners experience this scenario frequently. In these circumstances, you or someone in your family is forced to take an extra trip home because only so many copies of your house key exist. But an electronic lock allows you to maintain security while still allowing several people to access your home. 

This convenience also comes in handy when you go on vacation. You can allow dog walkers or house sitters to enter your home while you're gone and then change the code after you get back.

Keyless Entry

Nobody likes to lose their keys, especially if they only have one set. Not only does losing keys limit you from being able to access your home, but also puts you at risk of getting robbed.

Additionally, having a lock and key system on your home requires you to make multiple copies of keys for everyone in the household. In fact, you may make so many copies that you forget how many you've made. You may find that using a digital lock works better for your family than issuing keys to everyone.

Digital locks also take away the hassle of holding onto keys. For example, have you ever struggled to unlock your door while carrying groceries? Keyless locks eliminate bulky key chains and make entering your home simpler.

Better Security

Digital locks are often a safer way to protect your home from intruders. The ability to choose and change your code whenever you want is ideal to keep burglars away.

Changing the code is usually easy for homeowners, and the process doesn't require any special skills or tools. Traditional locks require special tools for replacement, as well as knowledge on how to rekey. In many cases, homeowners have to call a locksmith to get the job done. On the other hand, digital locks cost no money and minimal time to change.

Lock-and-key systems are also one of the easiest locks to can break into. Most thieves know how to break a lock, or they know that many homeowners often hide a spare key on the property. With traditional keys, you risk burglars finding your spare key and entering your home. Digital locks reduce that risk.

Flexible Installation

You can install a digital lock on any standard door. Homeowners don't need a special frame or door, which makes the installation suitable for all homes. Additionally, most digital locks don't require extra wiring to get to a power source. Rather, each unit either runs on batteries or are mechanical and don't require any type of power source.


Now that you know the benefits of digital locks, talk with a locksmith about installing one on your home. You may find even more benefits once you have a digital lock of your own. 

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