7 Reasons to Get Your Home Rekeyed

Compared to other big cities, Sydney is relatively safe. But that doesn't mean you should ever compromise your family's security.

Sometimes, the best option to securing your home is to get your lock rekeyed. Locksmiths change the pattern of the pins in your lock so your old keys no longer work. Then, they give you new keys that fit the shape of your new lock. Other times, however, locksmiths need to remove your entire lock and install a new one.

When should get your locks rekeyed or reinstalled? We've listed a few reasons below.

1. You Just Moved In

Before you unpack and set up your new home, make sure you get your locks rekeyed. The previous homeowners may have given copies of their keys to relatives, friends and neighbours. You don't want to risk a stranger letting himself or herself into your new home.

Even if you're moving into a newly constructed home, it's a good idea to get your locks rekeyed. Many people may have keys to your home, including builders, real estate agents and contract workers. In fact, some builders use a common master key for a group of homes.

While you'd like to trust everyone, it's just not practical. Save the hassle and get your home rekeyed instead.

2. You Lost a Key

When you lose a key, you usually have a spare key to let you inside your home. You should still get your locks rekeyed despite having a spare. Your lost key could be anywhere-and you don't want potential intruders to find it. Whether or not you find your key later, an unscrupulous character may have had time to make a copy.

3. Your Lock Is Damaged

Rusty or damaged locks compromise your security. They could make it easier for thieves and intruders to break the lock and enter your home. Don't keep living with a damaged lock; get it replaced.

4. You Experienced a Burglary

If you've recently experienced a burglary, your safety feels compromised. When you get new lock, you can feel more at ease, especially if the intruder was able to get in through your locked door.

Consider upgrading to an access control or digital lock for enhanced security.

5. An Employee With a Key No Longer Works for You

Perhaps you gave a house key to a gardener, a cleaning professional or a repair technician. You trusted this person when you gave them the key, but what if they no longer work for you? There's nothing to stop them from entering your home later on. Stay safe and rekey your locks.

6. You Got Divorced or Separated

In an ideal world, you and your partner would part on good terms, but that result doesn't always happen. If you worry about your ex-spouse or -partner invading your privacy or coming in when you're not home, get the locks rekeyed when they move out. That way, you can let them in the house on your terms.

7. Your Lock Is Old

Another simple reason to rekey your lock? You've had the same locks and keys for five or more years. During that time, you may have given a copy of your key to many different people. Perhaps you don't even remember how many people have copies. Or maybe you lost a key and didn't realize it. Make a fresh start: ask a locksmith to rekey your lock.

Keep in mind that thieves and intruders may have an easier time breaking into an older lock. Ask a locksmith to examine your lock. They may recommend that you replace it with a newer model.


Whether you just moved into your new home or you've lived in your home for twenty years, there are many reasons to get your locks rekeyed or replaced. Talk to a locksmith today about your options.

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