What Not to Do When You're Locked Out

You thought it would never happen to you, but now it has-you're locked out of your house. As you browse the internet for strategies to get in, you notice many interesting recommendations.

Unfortunately, most of these strategies are dangerous and ineffective. Here's why you should ignore these break-in methods and call a locksmith instead.

Don't Use a Credit Card

This method is often the first break-in strategy people think of. But it could only feasibly work if you have a spring bolt lock, which is a lock on the handle itself. It won't work if you have a deadbolt. You would also need a door with no moulding on the frame, since moulding can prevent you from inserting the credit card.

Even if your door meets these requirements, this strategy will ruin whichever credit card you use. Replacing a credit card takes a lot of time and complicates your life if you make regular purchases with it.

Don't Break a Window

Some internet sites advise you to break a window. Breaking and entering may sound simple, but it's not. Windows may cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

Breaking a window will also cause glass to shatter. You could touch or step on the broken glass and get seriously injured.

Plus, when other people see you breaking a window, what will they think? An innocent neighbour or passerby could see you crawl in through a window and call law enforcement.

Don't Remove the Door Knob

Some people recommend removing your entire door knob to enter your home. This method involves pushing a paper clip or hair pin into a tiny hole in the door knob while you twist the door knob. Once you've removed the door knob, you then remove the door knob's metal plate and pull the inner locking mechanism until it unlocks.

This method isn't a sure-fire way to get in either. And if removing your door knob and unlocking your door really is that easy, you should get new locks installed. If it's easy for you to break in, it's easy for thieves, too.

Don't Remove the Door Window

This recommendation only applies to homeowners with glass panels on the front door. Ideally, you place the screwdriver under the window pane and remove the window. You then stick your hand through the new opening and reach the door handle.

However, this method puts you at risk for damaging your door frame and window pane. You may also cut your hand on broken glass.

Don't Enter Through the Roof

If you happen to have a ladder accessible, some people recommend entering your home through the roof. After all, burglars sometimes break in by removing vents or even by cutting a hole in the roof shingles. However, this method is complicated, dangerous and damaging to your roof.

Do Call Your Landlord

If you rent your home or apartment, you should first call your landlord. After all, he or she usually keeps a spare key. However, you won't be on good terms with your landlord if you get locked out of your place at 2:00 in the morning and call for help in the middle of the night.

The Best Solution

Avoid these unfortunate scenarios by calling a locksmith. A locksmith has advanced tools, skills and experience to unlock your door without damaging it. The locksmith can also install a new lock if needed, including advanced digital locks. And he and she can create spare keys so you have a backup option next time you get locked out.

Even if you get locked out in the middle of the night, you can count on the services of a 24/7 locksmith. With help from a professional locksmith, you'll avoid broken windows, damaged doors, and painful injuries.

Next time you get locked out, skip the internet recommendations and call a locksmith instead.

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