4 Habits That Compromise Your Home Security

Your life consists of a series of habits. You routinely get up in the morning and go to work or school. You frequently wear the same outfits week after week. And you customarily sleep on the

Most of your habits are harmless. But some habits put your health and safety at risk. For example, you stay out too late with your friends, and as a result, you drive drowsy the next morning.

Some habits you engage in may make your home vulnerable to thieves. The following habits, in particular, put your home security on the line.

1. You Post Photos of You on Vacation

You love sharing your life with your friends and family via social media websites. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Snapchat quickly connect you with those you love.

However, you may want to skip the photos from your latest vacation, at least until you come home again. Many of these social media websites allow other users to follow your feeds. When you

2. You Forget to Lock Up When You Go on a Walk

Your German shepherd deters most thieves with her intimidating growl and ferocious barking. But she can't stop thieves when she's on a walk with you.

Even if you plan to leave for less than 10 minutes for a quick jaunt around the neighbourhood, you should take a few moments to lock your doors and close all your windows.

Experts estimate that 21% of burglars enter the home through an open door or window, while only 17% bother to force the lock.

3. You Keep Your Spare Key Under the Mat

If you have the habit of forgetting your keys, a spare key will help you prevent future lockouts. However, most thieves know to look under the mat, inside a fake rock, near the mailbox or

Consequently, you'll need to think of more creative places to stash your extra key. For example, you could hide your key behind a loose panel of your vinyl siding. Or you could tuck it in

As you look for potential places, keep in mind that you'll want to make the spare key as awkward and inconvenient to access as possible. The longer a thief has to search for your key, the

4. You Set Your Devices Next to the Window

Many burglars won't break into a home unless they know a prize awaits them inside. If they anticipate a large haul of jewellery, cash and firearms, they'll be more likely to take the risk.And how do they know what valuables you have? By peeking through the window, of course.

If you set your tablet or laptop near a window, or if you watch TV near a large window, almost anyone can walk by and assess what you have. To deter thieves, keep your blinds shut or move

Need to Improve Your Home Security?

If you find yourself falling for these everyday habits, make a special effort to break them. When you do, you significantly decrease your risk of break-ins and theft.

For more ways to improve your home security and protect your property, talk to your local locksmith about rekeying and replacing your locks. Then, check our blog again for the latest updates.

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