Want to install high quality locks for your new flats or replace worn out locks? Seek the services of expert and experienced locksmiths such as Ameen Locksmith. These locksmiths are experts in repairing domestic and commercial locks or vaults and replicating new keys for them. None of us feel safe until we have locked our residences or commercial enterprises. This emerges the need for the best quality locks and keys - all available at Ameen Locksmiths. It is important to be aware of better security and improve locks or keys, opt for better security such as safes or vaults. 


Ø Features of Ameen Locksmith

24/7 service

Now there is no need to get frustrated if you forget your car keys anywhere or lose your house keys. Avail the services of Ameen Locksmith 24 hours of the day and through 7 days of the week. These emergency locksmiths are even expert in opening bank vaults if their services are required. In an emergency, simply call these locksmiths at any hour when you require assistance with your locks and keys. No more anxiety of lockouts at any hour, simple call Ameen Locksmiths for quick and timely services.

Schedule Visits

Now it is possible to schedule installations and repair in advance through email, phone or web form.

Ø Expert Domains

Car Keys

Now it is simple to procure spare keys for your cars on lock out or duplicate more keys when required.

Access Control and Digital Keys

Now introduce access control and digital keys without apprehension. The expert locksmiths from Ameen Locksmith are available 24/7 to install, repair and maintain these systems.

Key Code Cutting

Now it is easily possible to cut out keys using the key code.  Ameen Locksmiths have advanced equipment to cut out keys based on the codes available. This process is handy while keys are often lost.

Ø Services

Commercial Locksmiths        

While almost every commercial enterprise have expensive and imported equipment or machinery they require tough locks. They also require vaults to preserve their documents and large amount of cash. These enterprises require efficient lock system such as digital locks to secure their valuables. They also require master keys that cannot be duplicated. Ameen locksmiths are experts in providing these services, seek the services of these commercial locksmiths. They install, maintain and repair safes of all sizes. If you are suspicious of duplicated key developments for your locks, opt for rekeying the locks. Now do not panic on the security of your enterprise, simply choose the toughest locks and preserve your safety.

Residential Locksmiths

A common dilemma with residential locks, is losing keys. There is a constant requirement for spare keys as it is common for the residents to lose keys. While lock out of the house after losing keys simply call Ameen Locksmith and seek the services of these residential locksmiths available 24/7. In common accommodation with multiple keys, it is essential to rekey the doors after a period of time. This ensures safety and preserves the security of these residences. While this team of locksmith is available quickly, you can save a lot of time and frustration, end your worries over locks and keys.

Ø Highlights:

Ameen Locksmiths procure their products from leading suppliers of premier locks such as Brass Locks, restricted key systems and more top quality locks. While planning new homes or flats ensure that you install the top products from these suppliers such as Abloy, Abus Brass locks, EVVA restricted key systems, Generation Six, Lockwood Assa Abloy and Solca. Simply entrust your locks systems with Ameen Locksmiths and be free of concerns while they deliver top service and excelling quality of products.

No more break-ins…

Ameen Locksmiths are the licensed locksmiths in Sydney with over 25 years’ experience. It was incepted in 1990 and offers services in entire Sydney and the Central Business District.  It is a member of MLAA or Master Locksmith Association of Australia, the Locksmith Guild of Australia. It is also a registered member of ICIX for managing risk, compliance and standards.




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